5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer: Ship2you’s Tips & Guides

5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2you5 Essential Summer Wearings Must Haves With Ship2you:

Summer is still here, with its longer days, warm temperature, and full sunshine. It is filled with social events such as day trips, beaching, and outdoor barbecuing. Therefor, there are plenty of fashionable and functional things that women and men should have and do during summer. Here you go with the 5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer comes along with Ship2you’s tips & guides:


5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2youSunblock or sunscreen is important during summer. Since the sun is extremely hot and plentiful during summer months, therefor, the exposure to it can lead to sunburns and other skin problems. Your body needs to be protected, especially your face. Apparently, the name of the brand of the sunblock is not important as using one. There are many good brands such as Clinique which is a well-known, and high-end skin care company. we also know Nivea since we’re small kids, and there’s a good new company named Keihls, which I really recommend you to order from, they are speacialized in skin care products. But remember ladies & gents  to choose a sunblock that suits your skin type, and the protection is 50+, the most important thing is to apply it every two hours on your skin to get the full protection.imagesrouge&mascara

Tip: summer makeup for you my lady is always about light & highlight. Rouge & Mascara are the perfect combination. And remember that the less you apply the classier you are.



Sunglasses “shades”

5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2youProtecting your eyes throughout the year is necessary, particularly during summer while you spend lots of time outdoors. Don’t be fooled by clouds: the sun’s rays can pass through haze and thin clouds. To protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation, sunglasses should block 100 percent of UltraViolet -UV- rays and also absorb most High-energy-visible HEV rays. Make sure that you choose a good shades that provides the best protection because good sunglasses limit how much stray sunlight reaches your eyes from above and beyond the periphery of your sunglass lenses.

It is indeed the most essential accessory for summer. You should care more about your eyes by selecting good shades. Fortunately, sunglasses come in a variety of styles; that suits the shape of your face, from sporty to fashionable. Many brands provide you with variety of glasses, Oakley, for example, has lots of good shades. RayBan and Persol also provide you with lots of trendy shapes. And the good thing about sunglasses, they are available everywhere within the budget you have, you don’t have to spend a lot in order to get a fashionable and trendy shades. We also can ship2you your desired shades.

Tip: white & colorful sunglasses frames are always desired during summer! Stay away from dark ones.



Airy weary:

5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2youAugust feels like a never-ending road of heat. With temperatures rising, humidity, and sweating. We find ourselves kept with one question: what shall I wear today? Summer clothes are always fun and easy to pick, because designers are forever racing to launch their summer’s line even before the season begins. Keep in mind that rule number 1 in summer clothing is loose, cotton, and airy. Therefor, a white dress is a must have in a girl’s cabinet, besides it is continuously desired. And for you gents, a colorful and a loose or “Hawaiian” t-shirt is enough during the day. There are many sites that provide you with variety of seasonal clothing, for example, BooHoo, Vogacloset, Namshi, lulus, and many others are offering you lots of summer clothing choices. Importantly, we can ship2you these clothing. imageshyhgk

Tip: always look for cotton, white, and lively colored clothes in order not to absorb the sun heat. Remember, the less and comfort you wear, the more fun you’ll have.



Straw Brim Hat:

5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2youSince that the summer’s sun is outrageous in our countries, you need to protect your delicate skin on the face, scalp, and ears from getting burned, or getting sunstroke. For those who take more adventurous summer vacations, you’ll need a wide brim hat. Which is everywhere and a must have essential during this season. Luckily, these hats are Stylish day & night. On a fashion basis, women’s wide brim straw hats easily transact from the beach to a meal out afterwards. It is a must during the day, and also looks nice during summer nights. On the other hand, there are many websites that ship2you can bring you perfect choices for summer hats, O’neill, San Diego Hat Company, and EpochHats are great choices for you.

Tip: trendy straw wide brim hats are always essential & fashionable, but remember to choose a light one therefore you’ll not get bored of wearing a heavy hat.




5 Must Haves Essentials During Your Summer With Ship2youSearching for the ultimate comfort for your feet during summer days & nights always point to flip-flops. These shoes are generally inexpensive and you can find them everywhere, from high end stores to low priced ones, which means individuals can buy a few fresh pairs each season. Crocsadidas, Zappos and many more are offering wide collection of flip flops. Basically, people love them because it does not take long to slip the feet into them. And they keep feet cool and look good with most summer clothing.

Tip: most of flip-flops are made of plastic, so make sure that you choose the right one for your feet in order not to hurt them or cause you infections since your going to spend most of your time beaching under the sun wearing them.


Ship from Ship2You

You Shop & We Ship2you

Choosing the right outfit for your summer can either make it unforgettable or disastrous, and these 5 essentials must haves are non-negotiable in these hot months. We are still in summer, and these things are easy to find in all websites. We provide you with few examples, however , the internet is loaded with millions of websites. All you have to do is filling your cart, and ask us to ship them to your doorstep. Selecting a good shipping company can make your online shopping experience either good or bad. With ship2you, you can earn many shipping solutions while you’re shopping. You can refill your cart from anywhere and ask us to consolidate & repack your desired items. And all that will take from 2 to 3 days.



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