Black Friday & November’s Incredible Bargains – Everything You Need to Know

Black Friday

With the holidays approaching towards the end of the year, there are tons of opportunities for big savings while shopping. At the end of this month, November – you want to keep an eye out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is an American tradition that follows the day after Thanksgiving; this year, it falls on November 27. Cyber Monday (November 30)is the Monday following that, where it also very common to find great deals.
You might have heard about the insane crowds, disorderly conduct and intense competition for items when shopping on Black Friday in the US. However, with online shopping from US-based retailers you can still reap all the benefits of the shopping deals while laying back on the couch at home and from the other end of the planet!

If you’re wondering how you can make the best of this shopping fiesta and how to ship items from the US, read on.

One thing to note is that although Black Friday is at the end of the month, it’s good to start looking in online shops from nowas many retailers have offers leading up to the day for the entire month, and that way you have a higher chance of making sure your desired items are in stock.

It seems that some people are under the impression that Black Friday deals are limited to clothing. This is simply incorrect. You can find deals on anything from electronics, furniture, toys, books and appliances. If you’re shopping from Amazon for example you can take advantage of what Amazon refers to as “flash deals” – these are fast deals during November that last a day or two on certain items, where the prices can slash as much as 50%! You can also avail similar deals when shopping from eBay and big retailers such as ASOS.

Here are examples of some deals happening right now:

November is a great time for online shopping, so make sure you get any items that you’ve been eyeing for a long time now. It is so easy to shop from the US especially when using a package forwarding and parcel delivery service like Ship2You. Notwithstanding that Ship2You and unlike any other package forwarding company, can save you even more money by consolidating all your purchases in one location, so that we can send it all to you in one shipment, enabling you to slash a huge percentage off your shipping costs.

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