Get The Right Fit, Every Time


Shopping online can save you lots of cash as well as offer you a variety of exciting and unique fashion options. However, lots of people hesitate to shop online as opposed to at a store because you cannot actually try the item on, feel its fabric, or get a good idea of how it looks on your body. With these tips, you can get the most out of shopping online for clothes and minimizing instances of disappointment.

Take your measurements
Different brands carry clothes in different sizing. Some use US sizing, while some use UK or European sizing. Some retailers only offer vague sizes like small, medium or large. That is why it is best to measure yourself with a measuring tape, giving you your size in centimeters/inches which are universal units that everyone can understand. For men, measure your height, waist size, hips, chest size, sleeve length and neck size. For women, important measurements include bust, the part of your waist where you prefer to wear your pants (high-waist or low-waist), and sleeve length. If you’re shopping for bras, it might be helpful to go to a reputable lingerie store where you can have your measurements taken by a professional and keep them with you. If you can, get these measurements done by a professional tailor for more accuracy. Which brings us to our next point…

Befriend a trusted seamstress or tailor
When in doubt, you can always choose a bigger size than you think you might need while online shopping and visit a tailor that you trust who can alter the clothes for you. Ask them to keep your measurements on file so that they know exactly how to tailor a piece for you without you having to take your measurements again. While this is an unanticipated cost, if you’re shopping online to save money and cash in on discount offers and deals on a regular basis, it’s a small price to pay for larger savings in the long term.

Do your research
Read some reviews about the websites you’re shopping from and do a quick Google search to see what others have said about the sizing. Do their sizes run smaller or bigger than usual? How do their sizes compared to other popular retailers that you’re already familiar with? Remember, a size 10 for one brand might seem more like a 12 from another.

Learn about fabrics
One downside of online shopping is not being able to feel the fabric. Make sure that you educate yourself about different types of fabrics and how they feel. Got anything in your closet that makes your skin feel itchy or which you don’t like the feel of? Learn the name of that fabric and make sure you avoid it. Most reliable online retailers will provide as much information as possible about the item, including what fabrics are used in its making.

Keep a record
The great thing about shopping for clothes online is the more you do it the easier it becomes. Once you’ve figured out your size for a particular online store, keep a record of what size of theirs fits you best so you can always refer to it in the future when you want to shop from the same retailer.

Look for generous return policies
Online shopping websites understand that sometimes your purchase might not look good once you actually try it on, and will have generous return policies. Some might be free, while others offer free exchange. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the website’s shipping policies and avoid those who accept no returns or exchanges. Some of the best package forwarding services offer shipping consolidation and the option to check your purchases at the US address or elsewhere, before they are shipped to your home country – Ship2You is one of these providers.

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