How to order stuff from Amazon while living in the Middle East

What was once a land filled with nothing but desert and open sky, The Middle East has transformed into one of the biggest business hubs of the world, and with this boom in business, the region has also embraced the technological side of things by performing transactions and sprouting up services that cater to the consumer’s needs; one of them are delivering goods right at their doorstep. However, there are still limitations to what online businesses are able to offer customers in terms of availability and range of products. And while there are a slew of services that provide you with the products you need right at your registered address, there are times when you continuously search for a product, but none of the retailers, both online and physical seem to be stocking it.

Are there ways to get products delivered to your doorstep even though they are not present on any online or physical retail outlet?

We can’t deny the fact that some of the best online stores are located in US, China and the Europe. There are an abounding number of services available for the public to order the product they want. Unfortunately, what seems as a convenience at a first glance quickly becomes a burden due to exorbitant shipping costs (this also depends on the total weight and volume of the product that you want to receive) and lack of guarantee that the item will actually reach your doorstep and that too, in pristine condition.

No doubt, such companies offer their own terms of safely transporting items, but dealing with constant rules and regulations regarding shipment from different regions can actually result in more time being consumed than necessary, resulting in a nightmarish experience for the person right at the end of the food chain, the customer. For a customer, there are two variables that play the most important part in their satisfaction; price and time. Rarely there are times when both of these variables are in favor of the customer and their bank balance, but due to desperation, they are forced to pay heavy prices. Even then, it is not guaranteed that the product they eagerly want to get their hands on arrives at their requested destination in proper condition.

What should a customer do about these limitations then?

Well, there are two things that a customer can do; either pray and wait for retail shops to finally bring such products to the local market, or continue to find new services that actually deliver what they advertise. Majority of us will choose to pursue the latter and thankfully, there are a number of services available with flexible procedures that has foreign goods reaching your doorstep in a hurry.

How does this work?

In order for you to get goods that are not available anywhere in the Middle East, you will first have to register on to a service’s website like Ship2You that will effortlessly be able to deliver goods to your registered home address. The registration process is extremely simple to complete and all it does is ask for your personal credentials ranging from your complete name, address, email address and payment procedure. Thanks to the ubiquity of payment partners ranging from VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal, fund transfers are a breeze to perform and in case the item does not manage to reach your doorstep, there are always contingencies in place to help you refund your money, so you never get the impression that the service has scammed you in any way.

After registering on the Ship2You official website, you can now start to order goods that are not available to purchase in the Middle Eastern markets. For example, Amazon happens to be one of the largest online retailers in the world, so it makes complete sense that they will have items stocked with them, even when you least expect them to. After confirming your purchase, you can check out at your registered address, and wait for the goods to reach your doorstep.

How will goods reach your doorstep?

This is where a customer needs to be patient for the items to reach his or her home address. When the items have been received by the original service that you opted for, they are stocked at their personal warehouses and are ready to reach your doorstep. Most services use leading courier giants like DHL to move around heaps of items on a daily basis. Since DHL is a widely known service in major countries, not to mention that they provide the best possible service in terms time, the customer only has to wait for a limited time period.

What about the extra costs that are incurred such as shipping?

Majority of services randomly quote you a price for the item, and most of the time, it does feel like you are paying more than what they are entitled to receive. Fortunately, most services have their own dedicated shipping cost calculator, where additional costs of the item depends upon its weight, volume and warehousing capacity that it will take up once it is stored there to be dispatched to the customer.

Most services do end up placing hidden chargers on an item, and most of the time, that said item carries a cheaper price tag. As a result, the customer normally ends up paying more money in shipping costs than on the item itself. Using dedicated shipping costs calculators, companies are effectively able to reach an agreement with the customer without the latter getting the impression that they are about to become the victim of an elaborated ponzy scheme.

If it’s a relatively expensive and structurally fragile item, then services also provide you with an optional ‘insurance’ cost that incorporate additional safety in terms of shipping and handling before that item reaches your doorstep. The last thing anyone wants is for that expensive product to end up getting tarnished.

Watching these steps carefully, ordering items from Amazon has possibly become the simplest procedure right now. This process has been going through a refining process but thanks to the existence of services that actually make efforts to communicate with giants such as Amazon and DHL to ship the item to your doorstep; particularly when that item is not available anywhere in the Middle Eastern geographical border is extremely refreshing to hear.

Have you ever placed an order or received one by requesting one from these services? Let us know your experiences right away.


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