Logistics 101: What do you need to know about Online Shipping?

Consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to shopping online. With ecommerce websites continuing to grow in popularity, consumers can buy items from all over the globe with more convenience and faster than ever before. Ship2You is an expert shipping logistics company that delivers items all over the world for businesses and customers.  In this blog we try to demystify the world of logistics to explain the benefits that a shipping & logistics partner like Ship2You can offer businesses and customers.

Customer Benefits

As a customer, Ship2You allows you to shop at any website in America and China and have your items shipped to anywhere in the world. For example, if you find an item on Amazon.com that you just have to get, you purchase the item and as a free member of Ship2You, can have that item shipped (usually for free) to our warehouse in America, where we will ship it to you for the lowest cost possible in the smallest box possible and it will arrive within 2-5 days.

Customers can also purchase multiple items on multiple American or Chinese websites, have the items shipped to our warehouse in America and China, where we group all your purchases together in one single box and have them shipped to you within 2-5 days. No worries if the items arrive at our warehouse at different times – with 30 days of free storage, customers can rest easy to ensure all their products arrive to their doorstep in one box on time.

Another way Ship2You can benefit customers is through our repackaging and consolidation services. Customers can buy items on multiple American or Chinese websites and send them to themselves and others as gifts, so even if your family and friends live in different countries, you can use Ship2You to handle the shipping of multiple items multiple places around the world at the same time and those items will almost always arrive within 2-5 days.

Ship2You makes it easy and fast to buy items only found in America as gifts or personal purchases that will be nearly always be delivered in less than a week.

Business Benefits

If you run a business, you can use Ship2You as your logistics partners to ship items to your customers anywhere in the world. We also offer the option for businesses to make the most of our warehouse storage space in America by keeping stock and shipping directly to customers all over the world.  For example, if a business has a store or website, they can offer items for sale from America in store and online to customers around the world, without actually holding physical stock, and those items can be shipped anywhere in the world directly to customers using a shipping service like Ship2You.

As a business owner, Ship2You can help you increase sales profits by giving your business the added ability to ship product from America directly to customers worldwide, exposing your business to customers around the world by giving your company international reach.

Ship2You can also save your business money and keep overheads low because when you ship directly from America to customers, you don’t need to hold physical stock in the building where your business is located. Ship2You allows you to store and hold stock in America for up to 30 days for free so you can always ensure you have product available to ship to customers worldwide. Ship2You’s exclusive consolidation and repackaging services allow businesses to ship one-off and multiple orders to customers, maximizing shipping capabilities and cost-savings by making sure products are safe and protected while being shipped in the smallest possible box to eliminate unnecessary waste.

If you own a business that could benefit from working with Ship2You, we would like to invite you to contact us to see how we can help. Get in touch with us on Skype (ID: ship2you.com) or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

Logistic Shipping Methods and Transit Time

Once a package is ready to ship, there are many ways that packages can be sent from our warehouse in America to anywhere in the world.

  • Air cargo is the fastest and preferred method of shipping from America for Ship2You customers and usually takes a matter of 2-5 days maximum.
  • Sea Freight is not commonly used by Ship2You, as it can take weeks for a shipment to arrive, but may be an option for a very heavy or large shipment when delivery is not as time-sensitive.

Estimating & Calculating Your Shipment Cost

We’ve make it simple to figure out the cost of shipping your packages with our handy Ship2You Cost Calculator.  We work out our shipping rates by measuring the actual weight of an item and the dimensions of the box, that will be used to ship it in, called volumetric weight. We measure both actual weight and volumetric weight of a box and take the higher measurement to get the actual shipping cost you will pay. You can find both the product weight and dimensions on the product description page of the website you purchased the item from.

  • Actual weight of an item is calculated using the weight of the item plus the box it is being shipped in.
  • Volumetric weight is calculated using the L x W x H dimensions of a box, considering the space that is taken up inside a box. For example, let’s say a product weighs has dimensions of 2cm x 2cm x 2cm, which equals a volumetric weight of 8. We then convert the volumetric weight into kilograms, which is equal to 0.75kg, which is rounded to the nearest half decimal point, meaning that a package would effectively have a weight of 1kg to calculate the total cost of shipping.

Cut Shipping Costs with Consolidation and Repackaging ServicesRepackaging

Ship2You is the only carrier to provide clever repackaging and package consolidation services to customers in the Middle East. Ship2You offers all customers and businesses several solutions to dramatically reduce the cost of shipping. Whether you are shipping one or many packages, Ship2You can repackage and/or consolidate multiple purchases into one box for shipment, drastically reducing shipping costs and eliminating the need to ship each package individually.  Even if you have one item to ship, we can still repackage the item to fit it into a smaller box, making your total shipping cost lower.

Repackaging Services

Ship2You is the only company servicing the Middle East that will repackage a single item into the smallest box possible by removing the original retail packaging. For example, if you purchase a clock from a large online marketplace, the box they ship your item in and its original packaging will often be larger than necessary, so Ship2You would remove the item from both boxes and repackage it in a tinier box.

Ship2You can slash the cost of your shipment by repackaging your items your item in the following ways:

  • Option 1: Remove the item from the outer shipping box and its original retail packaging to fit the item into the smallest possible box; this is a good option for shoes, Lego sets, or any unusually-shaped items.
  • Option 2: Remove the outer box, but keep the original packaging and ship the item in a smaller box; this works well for clothing and gifts.

Consolidation Services

Ship2You is the only company servicing the Middle East that will remove original retail packaging and consolidate multiple items into one box for the smallest possible shipment. There are also other numerous ways to consolidate shipments.

Ship2You offers the following Consolidation options:

  • Option 1: Combine shipments by keeping the outer boxes and retail packaging of all items; this works great with televisions and other fragile items.
  • Option 2: Combine shipments by removing the outer box, but keeping the retail packaging of each item; this is a good option with handbags and more expensive clothing.
  • Option 3: Combine shipments by removing all outer boxes and retail packaging; this works great for shoes and other items that have bulky, unnecessary retail packaging.
  • Option 4: Customize or repackage any shipment; just tell us what you require and we will make it happen.

Trust the Logistics Experts

Ship2You is a company built from experts in the logistics field; from outsourcing to consolidation and shipping, we can advise businesses on how to grow and everything else in between. Ship2You is a company you can trust , whether you are a customer or business, to make sure your packages are delivered on time, every time.

Ship2You is dedicated to bringing our customers value for money while offering them a variety of logistic options when shipping their items from our warehouse in America and China. Since Ship2You has special agreement with renowned carriers, we promise to offer the lowest rates available to our customers and business partners with convenience and more control over shipping.

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