Top 30 US Shopping Sites to shop from

In this internet savvy world, online shopping is developing as the norm of the day. Instead of going out and spending our weekends lugging different shopping bags and hunting for the matching pair of shoes for your prom dress, checking off shopping roster with just few clicks while sitting in your bed is becoming convenient day by day. In the technology-driven, slapdash lives we have, e-commerce is becoming the right way to shop.

The Evolution of US Shopping Business

Online shopping was once considered as a risky business – however now, it continues to grow day by day. The United States caters a number of online shopping websites which are not just loved by the locals, but are also the favorite shopping hubs of international citizens as well.

The online sales revenue of US in 2012 was more than $364.66 billion alone and from that point onwards, the online shopping business continues to sprout every day, making it one of the most lucrative industries in the US.

Online shoppers vouch for the fact that once they are satisfied with e-shopping, they start falling out of retail shopping. With the advent of 4G technology, smartphones and tablets, it is safe to say that technology plays a key role in the development of e-business.

Regardless of where you reside, you can shop from the following top 10 US sites through

30: Plndr

Plndr is online clothing store that features stylish clothing line for both men and women. However, the reason Plndr is popular is that it offers daily deals with rewards for inviting your friends to the website. It’s almost like getting paid to shop and who does not like that.


  • Shopping on a budget made easy with massive deals right on the homepage.
  • Invite a friend and get free money to shop.

29: Jack Threads

Men are not far behind women when it comes to online shopping and Jack Threads just proves that. Jack Threads is one of the best online stores for men’s clothing, accessories, and outdoor gear, which pretty much sounds like every man’s paradise.


  • Everything that a man needs is available under one roof.
  • Billing options include PayPal and MasterPass.
  • Shipping method not specified, neither is the shipping time.

28: L.L. Bean

When it comes to clothing and outdoor gear there is no other website that beats L.L. Bean. Founded in 1912, the company has a long history of providing its users the best clothing and outdoor gear it has to offer.


  • A site that has both everyday clothing and outdoor gear
  • Sales section is worth a checkout to find great deals.
  • Estimated shipping time is specified
  • Corporate clothing and gifts

27: Victoria’s Secret

Although not the type of online store everyone would be looking for, but it is definitely the choice of many when it comes to lingerie, women wear and beauty products. The website was launched in 1998 and since then it has been catering to women’s needs and helping men buy last minute presents for their girlfriends and wives.


  • Best collection of lingerie to woo your special someone

26. 80spurple

If you are looking for stylish and trendy to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd, then 80’s Purple is the website that you should visit.


  • Trendy outfits that are reasonably priced.
  • There is no free shipping option, the site just chooses a shipping option based on your address.
  • Payment options include Credit Cards and PayPal.

25. J.Crew

For boys, girls, men and women, J.Crew sells wedding products, jewelry items and clothing products to people all around the world.

24. Toys R Us

The online shop which has all your favorite toys hidden – Toys R Us! Shipment offered to a number of countries, Toys R Us also sells electronics like tablets and computers.

23. Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress is the one-stop shopping website which sells cheap clothes for women and men. For college students, it is a very good shopping site option as they’re shipment is free and they tend to deliver items within 48 hours.

22. Gamestop

There is no stopping for gamers and even if they do stop, Gamestop is the destination they need to stop at. Game DVDs, different console games and accessories for gaming consoles are available on this site.

21. ModCloth

For all the indie décor, accessories and clothing lovers, ModCloth is the best place as it specializes in selling this niche. The website has a very interesting and fascinating theme and shopping is extremely fun when on this site.

20. Zappos

To all the shoe-fanatic ladies, you have come to the kingdom of Zappos. Launched in 1999, Zappos is now of the largest online shoe store.

19. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is the online shopping destination for men’s wear. Launched in 2011, Mr. Porter is now available in three continents. All types of fashion wear for men are available here.

18. Walgreens

As their logo says, “happy & healthy”, Walgreens is an online shopping website that allows the customers to avail health benefits. From contact lenses to getting medical prescriptions and beauty products, once you make an account on Walgreens, you can earn such benefits at cheaper rates.

17. Staples

Staples is an online shopping site which is entirely dedicated to stationaries – it includes office, college and school stationaries. Additionally, they also sell edible items like chocolates on cheaper rates. From a new printer to a new ram for your PC, you can get everything related to stationary from Staples.

16. Bed, Bath and Beyond

Just as the name suggests, Bed, Bath and Beyond offers its customers to buy household essentials online, under one roof. If you are looking for towels or if you want to buy a new Pyrex dish for your kitche, this site is what you need to search on your internet.

15. Dorothy Perkins

The name definitely rings a bell – for those who are not a fan of overtly trends, this is the perfect clothing shopping place for them. Casual staples, office attires and easy to wear outfits are loved by shopper at Dorothy Perkins.

14. Zady

Zady is an online shopping site which allows ladies to mix and match their wardrobe. From Crisp tees to classic shirt and cute sweater, you can get anything appealing from this particular website.

13. Forever21

If there is a type of trend you want to start following and you know it will date by the next season, forever21 is the fashion chain which help you carry the style you want to, without the need of worrying about the price.

12. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is ranked as the 2nd largest retail chain department store in the US and get a decent amount of online orders and hits on daily basis. Their products cover a number of different categories as they entertain the retail needs of their customers. Kohl’s also offer its customers online order placing in case they want to pick it from the store directly.

11. Newegg

Catering the computer freaks, Newegg deals in software, hardware and peripherals. Besides their main offering on the site, they also sell accessories, sports goods and different electronics. Eventually, you enter a tech freak’s paradise where you can purchase a snowboard while picking up the new hard-drive for your PC.

10. Macy’s

Similar to the popularity of their physical retail stores counterpart, Macy’s online shopping is pretty famous as well. This mid-range department retail chain continues to be the largest one in the US. The beginning of their online shopping venture was pretty rough as Macy’s has lacked software scheduling since the beginning. However, a lot of improvements have been made in the recent years as they continue to sell jewelry, shoes and much more under one roof.

9. HomeDepot

Women who love giving their homes a new look but do not have time to go out and hunt for latest home improvement products, here is the perfect site for you. HomeDepot’s online store continues to attract more than a million shoppers every year. From DIY materials to home décor products and from garden options to building materials, you can buy every home improvement product here.

8. Rakuten

On an average, Rukaten gets around 1.5 million shoppers every year. Previously, it was known as until the largest e-commerce company Japan, Rakuten took over. The merchants of this online site can customize the product pages and their stores in order to carry marketing the way they like. On the other hand, customers are offered reward points of a percentage each when they make purchases. The products of this site can also be found on

7. Sears

In a lot of ways, Sears has been inspired by Amazon. Every year, they get around 21 million shoppers looking for ways to fulfil their shopping needs. Sears is first-party seller website which has a number of marketplace stores. There are a number of categories and products and also, a wide range of marketplace sellers. In order to diversify and keep their customers loyal, they offer customers with rewards. Shoppers can also get Sears Service’s Fulfillment.

6. BestBuy

Compared to other online site, BestBuy is relatively new in the online marketplace. In terms of potential and customers which is around 22 million on average in a year, BestBuy was named as the Company of the Year in 2004 by Forbes. The products available on the online store come under three different brands, named Future Shop, Magnolia and Best Buy.

So if you are looking for electronics and then you want something for your best friend’s birthday, there is no need to open another shopping site.

5. Target

Target is a merchandise retailer company which enjoys the position of the 2nd largest US discount retailer brand. The online wing of the site was launched in 2000. Annually, the site entertains 288 million shoppers and this is why it is ranked as the 5th best online shopping site in the US.

4. Etsy

When you open this site, you will be drawn to buy something. The format of this online shopping place is different in comparison to other online sites as Etsy runs on basis of peer to peer. Etsy sells photographs, knick knacks, jewelry, vintage products, DIY products and crafts. If you are in search on unique products, Etsy is your answer.

3. Walmart

When you visit Walmart, you will see their impressive product catalog and categories that are offered for their customers. Walmart continues to be the largest discount store present in the US while being a multinational retail chain as well. Catering 57 million online users every year, it offers quality items at affordable prices. In terms of retail, home products, recreational products and clothing, Walmart continues to be one of the best options for online shoppers. However, it is not an open marketplace yet.

2. EBay

EBay, the name every online shopper knows of. This e-commerce giant is known to provide a business to consumer shopping platform through the internet. The advent of EBay in the industry of e-commerce has been the initial game changer as it emerged as one of the best dot-com shopping sites. Receiving more than 84 million shoppers every year, the site offers auctions between the consumers and the businesses and offers a number of products.

EBay does not work as a first-party seller – the transactions they get are brokered by eBay and are carried out by the third-party merchants. They provide options for traditional auctions and Buy it Now as well. However, the fee structure of eBay is a little complex – final value, insertion fees and subscription rates are include which vary plan by plan. You can find a number of products and similar categories in eBay.

1. Amazon

And you thought we would have missed the famous “A” of online shopping out? Not a chance!

Amazon, without a doubt, has become of the most preferred and the best online shopping sites when it comes to shopping over the internet. Starting as a basic online bookstore, Amazon is the largest online retailer present in the US as it diversified itself into different product areas and now offers its own line of electronics as well.

With more than 140 million visitors every year, Amazon is the big gorilla of online shopping. It is the first-party seller site that now has third-party sellers as well. Within the strict set of rules, sellers set their own store on the site as well. The Fulfillment offered by Amazon gives customer Prime Rewards and also free shipment to the products of third-parties.

Online shopping makes our lives easy and makes it easier – regardless of where you are, you can shop from all of the top 12 US online shopping site and ship2you will deliver it to you. It is understandable that there are some sites which do not deliver to all parts of the world and even if they do, they charge a lot in terms of shipment overseas.

Having that in mind, ship2you makes sure that you can shop from all of the above listed websites. Make an account on today and start shopping!


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